Ready Set Go

ready set go 2

The best time to start was yesterday.  The next best time is now.

It has been 3 years and 357 days or about 4 years since I last published something on my blog.  Since that day, my life has changed in insurmountable ways… I got divorced, lost my job and my ex-wife’s father passed away to name a few.  It is safe to say that over these last few years, I have not had the energy, drive or desire to write anything.  I have been existing; treading water and maintaining a life that, in hindsight, was making me unhappy.

Over the years, I began reading numerous blogs via sites like Thought Catalog and Medium and it started to dawn on me that I (still) had something to say.  I was not giving back to the universe with my own personal wisdom, humor and insight.

Writing a blog, one you think is meaningful, requires commitment and the only way to deliver value to others through one is to continuously publish your thoughts for the world to see.  You have to put it out there, regularly, and force yourself to share ideas about whatever topic you want.  I started this blog out as an experiment, nothing more.  I never believed it would lead to anything…and it did not.  That is the point.  I have not published much and so, few have read it; it has led to nothing.

I am not sure why I even decided to write today, but I did.  And I will.  I am making a commitment to contribute to the universe, one blog post at a time.  I have not decided on the frequency of my writing, but I am ready.  The time is now.

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